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Apart from musical instrument i am also a gadget lover which puts me in to a habit of buying audio products now and then. In the late 90's i have spent nearly 5 years in a our own sound recording studio where i spent days watching the music business develop from a musical note to an audio cassette. The studio is not functional any more butt the equipments are still in use and i use it now and then to experiment new sound techniques.

Please find below some of the audio equipments and sound recording devices that i use.

My Audio Gears :-

BOSS BOSS SSB - 45M Very Powerful Amplifier. Works really well with my electric guitar.
BOSS SSB - 45M Amplifier

AKG   Excellent as a head phone amplifier. It has enough juice to pump 30 head phones with ease.
AKG SRA - 100 M Power Amplifier

SONODYNE   The legend in terms of sound quality. Superb stereo amplifier.
SONODYNE Stereo Amplifier

Studiomaster Studiomaster Diamond Club 16-4-2-1 Its bit old for its time but this is a 80's classics. With 16 channels you can plug in whatever instruments you have in your kitty.
Diamond Club 16-4-2-1 Mixer

AKAI AKAI Dm 13 Sometimes small is indeed beautiful. Works very well with acoustic guitar.
AKAI DM 13 Microphone

LEEM   Perfect for vocals. Being a condenser microphone it really pics the slightest note.
LEEM CM - 302 Microphone

AVC AVC VHF Cordless Very economical cordless microphone. Ideal usage for announcements. It has quite a good range and the receiver is very small and handy. It can be also used as a wired microphone just be removing the antenna.
AVC VHF Cordless Microphone

TEAC TEAC A-3440 Vintage 1/4 Inch 4 Track Spool recorder. Originally owned by Bengali Music Legend Salil Chowdhury.
TEAC A-3440 - 4 Track Spool


Technics RS-M253X

Technics RS-271

Top one is the best cassette recorder/player that i have yet come across. This is a 4 head deck which give you the advantage of listening to the recorded output instantly.

The one below is again a vintage cassette recorder. The unique feature of this deck is that it also acts as a 4 channel mixer.

RS-M253X & RS-271
Cassette Deck



In the 80's Yamaha created a storm in the new emerging cassette player market by introducing this funny looking model. It has some features like pitch control & input level control which you never find in any other model in later years.
Cassette Deck


maxell EFV102

Don't go by the size, its perfect for playing guitar when you really don't want to disturb your neighbors. A must have for any music lover.
maxell EFV102
Loop Ear Phones