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I just love to be with music. Though i have spent most of my life just listening to them but now i am really in a mood to be with it. I have been learning Guitar for quite some time though not that seriously. Lately i have again managed to bring that drive back in me. At this moment i am having two guitars. One is an Electric and the other one is a Jumbo acoustic.

Please find below some of the musical instruments and sound recording devices that i use.

My Musical Instruments :-
Givson ZOOM True Tone Cherub
Givson Blue Diamond
6 String Electric Guitar
Zoom G1
Guitar Effects Pedal
6 String Jumbo
WST- 550G Guitar Tuner
Givson Blue Diamond Zoom G1 True-Tone Jumbo Cherub WST- 550G Guitar Tuner
This has been my dream buy. I kept dreaming about this for days. Lovely to look and lovely to play. The most economical multi effect processor in the market. For a start this has more than what you
actually need.
This is my first guitar. Purchased it in 2004.
It has a real warm sound.
Easy to use electronic guitar tuner. A must for all budding musicians.