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Music is the essence of life, music is soul food, music is the true international language. Life without music is a life without a soul. A person who doesn’t like music doesn’t like the people around him, that’s my funda. You may call that very very narrow minded but that’s what I am and i wish to be. I prefer any kind of music, language poses no barrier for me. It’s the quality and the feel that I get from the music is what matters to me. Other than Jazz music I seem to be able to digest any type of music. I have been a Sound Records, Sound Installer & DJ(that’s my own belief). So I have been touched by music very deeply. I wish to spend some more of my money and time improving the Sound System that I have in my house. I do have a pretty vast collection of music CD (300 nos) and cassettes (200 nos).

Apart from these i have some vintage Spool Recorders, 3 head Tape Deck, Turn Table, 16 Channel Mixer and a dozen of Microphones. I play the Guitar, to tell you the truth still trying my level best to get some grasp of it. May be in a couple of decade I will at least learn to strum some Guitar cords.

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My Musical Instruments My Audio Gears
I have list of 4 Music Groups/Bands that I think is class apart you better check them out. Click here.