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Hi my name is Subhadip Mukherjee, I am from Kolkata, India. I have been running this website since 1997 and over the years have had different versions. The main reason that I created this website was to show the world various facets about my life and work.

I loved technology from childhood and the main reason for inculcating this habit into me is credited to my dad who kept on encouraging me to experiment with technology. I was also very lucky enough to have the latest technology and gadgetry which played a crucial role in my outlook towards like and technology.

I am an IT professional with quite a few hobbies, some of them include Blogging, Photography, Graphic Designing, Travelling and Audiophile. Through this website you will be able to see some samples of my work and other details.

So basically if you want to know more about me then just look around the different corners of this website and you will be able to figure me out.

Have a good day and keep vising this website to know the unknown.

Love & Peace



Subhadip Mukherjee

I have divided the web page into 8 Main Categories :-

My Self =
This very page talking about Subhadip the great.

My Works =
Some of the interesting and not so interesting works i have been doing for the last eight years. This section has sub categories of different types of work that I do.

My Travels =
Some of my adventures that I have done since 2001 on my own. Though there are many other places that I have visited but I cannot really fit them in here. This section has sub categories of different places that i have visited.

My Blog =
O yes this is what I will surely try to update regularly. Catch all the latest happenings in my life out here.

My Clicks =
If there is something that gives me a real relaxation then its photography. I have been into photography from my college days and now taking it really seriously.

My Friends =
With friends like these who needs an enemy. Just kidding these are the basis of social life. From school, college to office.

My Family = The best of the best friend of my life. You have to see this.

My Contacts = You really don't need a satellite dish to search me in this cosmos. Just enter to know how to trace me in this planet.