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The Lost Kingdom of Navratnagarh
Varied landscape
Canyon made from soil erosion en route from Sisai towards (Navratangarh) Doisagarh
The main structure
Terracotta Structure 1
Ruin Terracotta Structure 2
Stone Structure 1
Water tank at the centre
Inside of the main structure. A massive section of the ceiling is missing
Black stone hills surrounding the entire area
Terracotta and Lime temple, there is no deity inside the temple
Terracotta ruin 4
Terracotta ruin 6
Roof structure of terracotta ruin 6
Stone Temple Side view
Inscription within the temple
Rianna enjoying the History
Smita taking deep interest in the terracotta structure
Smita, Rianna, Niral (Father in law) & Aerbin
A food stall in the village market
Hot Pakoras with tomato Chutni